Monday, February 20, 2012

Caly's Hello Kitty Cake...

With my 4 yr. old niece's birthday fast approaching, I offered to test my skills at yet another fondant covered cake. This would be my second ever cake to decorate using Marshmallow Fondant! Her beautiful mother graciously allowed me to take on the challenge. Ms. Caly was very decided about what she wanted on her PINK cake and she said it had to be a Hello Kitty cake!

After scouring the internet for images of Hello Kitty (my children are adults now, so I wasn't really familiar with Kitty), I came up with some ideas.

Originally, my design was to have Hello Kitty 'standing' upright on the cake. I quickly found that idea better left to the more experienced. So as you can see, Kitty ended up relaxing on her cozy bed pillows instead.
I was really happy the second cake attempt turned out as well as it did, considering it was a six layer cake. It was a true learning experience as in what to do and what not to do. The real lesson was in how much cake actually weighs, especially covered in fondant! I was so focused on the decor for the cake, I didn't focus enough on the structure, which ended up being a challenge. All's well that ended well...

One of the extraordinary things about making cakes for kiddos is how THRILLED they are when they see it for the 1st time! The look on their faces was worth every bit of the time that went into making this cake! They don't care about the details being a little off. All of the kids just loved the cake. Caly was so excited to see that cake was decorated with Hello Kitty.She really did love it!

This is a photo of her, after mom wiped that gorgeous face clean of icing. She even applied her New Lip Gloss for the photo :o)

My 2 yr. old grandniece, Camy, was just as excited about the cake as Caly. I can't wait to make Camy a cake for her next birthday. She's just now at the age she'll be able to tell me exactly what she wants~

Here is a photo of the cake at the party. Hello Kitty lounging on her comfy girly bed, holding Caly's candle.  We did add some ornamental candles (castle's and stars) for her to blow out. I forgot to get them in the time!

As you can see by Calysta's hand, she holding the face of Hello Kitty made from the marshmallow fondant. The children stripped the cake of all fondant..THEY LOVED IT! While the adults stuck with what we like best...the strawberry cake.

This whole cake was a HUGE SUCCESS!


  1. this cake is very beautiful & I am sure delicious too...seems your niece enjoyed it a lot.Thanks for sharing with 'Decorating Challenge' & hope to see you again...

    1. Thank you Amy for stopping in to say such nice things! I just discovered Food Corner, you've got a great blog! I LOVE how you've brought people together in such a fun way...I'll be visiting often.
      And you're very welcome~
      Many blessings and great success to you!