Thursday, February 23, 2012

And so begins the cup-cake journey...

The search for the PERFECT Vanilla Cupcake!

Just as the search for the perfect Vanilla Cookie was an obsession, even more so, was the search for the perfect Vanilla Cupcake. I believe it's the foundation for all great cupcakes.

Baking is a science.

 My very first experience with cooking was actually around about age 6. I remember being too short to reach the stove top, but that wasn't going to stop my attempt at cooking something up, so I pulled up a chair and stood on it. There's truly no telling what all I put into that small saucepan, though I do remember lot's of cinnamon and sugar along with other spices and liquids that simply did NOT belong together. Mostly it was a combo of the things within my reach! I still remember the look on my dad's face as he walked in on me (no doubt mom was not at home that afternoon :o)! I quickly told him that I was 'cooking' for him and it was ready to eat (or drink as the case was). He told me that "I" was going to try it first, since I cooked it! Chicken!! LOL That is undoubtedly the reason why I was so adamant about using cookbooks when I got tasted AWFUL! I recieved my first cookbook shortly after that, appropriately titled, 'My First Cookbook'. I recieved an Easy-Bake oven that Christmas too!

I've been searching for and following recipes for 30 years. In that time, I've found some the best 'concoctions' ever created. I not only love experiencing new foods, but preparing them as well. Even more than cooking, I LOVE feeding people. Being a 6th generation Texan and considering Texas to be 'THE Southern most state', food is not only part of our Southern hospitality, it's a comfort thing. It's a feel good for anything that might 'ail ya'.

What I hadn't given much notion to, was that someone, somewhere had to think up all of the combinations of ingredients that went into making a particular dish and/or food desirably edible!

Cooking is a true science...chemistry to be certain!

The Perfect Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Cream Cheese-Buttercream Frosting

Cooking has always been one of my strong suits. I loved it, thus I found joy in it! The holidays being my favorite time of the year because that's when I cooked for the WHOLE family...around 30 of us. It was also just about the only time of the year I baked! In my mind, cooking and baking were two different animals. Oh I baked the occassional birthday cake during the year and a multitude of desserts for the holiday season, but I had never baked for 'the fun' of it until my daughter's bridal shower. I discovered an area of baking that warmed my heart! CUPCAKES!

Vanilla Shortcake Cupcake with Strawberry and Vanilla Buttercream Frosting...HEAVEN~


Coconut Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie Dough Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream and Chocolate Swirls...this is the one you get up in the middle of night to sneak an extra bite of :o) Shhh!

So now begins my quest to not only create incredible cupcake recipes, but to begin a cupcake business! The best part of which is taste testing! I have the family involved with weekly deliveries of the newest and improved flavors of cupcake. It's so much fun finding out who loves which flavors and who doesn't. My family is so great! Once they got passed worrying about how I would 'really' react to their comments, the fun and challenges began. I promised they would all survive the crazy ideas...bacon really compliments maple flavored icing and green tea powder creates a wonderful cake flavor! Adding Chia seeds makes for a high fiber cupcake without depleting the taste of the banana-nut! I think they're beginning to trust me with their taste buds~

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