Friday, March 30, 2012

Italian Cream Cake, Fondant and Sugar Paste...

Italian Cream Cake
Freshly whipped egg whites, sifted flour, buttermilk, vanilla, real butter, walnuts and coconut goes into this delectably moist and scrumptous cake

Three layers baked to a golden brown. This is a made from scratch recipe that comes out of the oven perfect everytime!

This is the perfect wedding cake as well as special occasions such as a BIRTHDAY!

I held back just a small amount of batter and threw together some mini's for snacking! The Peanut M&M's tasted heavenly on these little one bite wonders...combined with the coconut buttercream frosting...MMMMM Good!

I've been baking Vanilla Sugar Cookies for Easter too.

Working on creating realistic looking sugar daisies. These take practice. I pick up new techniques all the time. The idea of using waffle foam was one of the best I've found for giving these sugar flowers their more life-like appearance. Wish I could find a good tutorial for peonies :o)

Some minature daisies to fill in around the larger ones~

Pink Marshmallow Fondant, Sugar Paste butterflies and flowers and Royal Icing...I have mastered straight lines, but the curves and scrolls are a whole other ball game!

I so enjoyed making this birthday cake for our girl, Rachel!

The cake is an Italian Cream with a coconut buttercream frosting then covered with Marshmallow Fondant.

The best recipe I've found for the great tasting fondant is at

The flowers were from (our son) Blair...he had to be out of town working on Rach's birthday so he sent her a Happy Birthday Bouquet...I think the cake was the perfect color to accompany the flowers. One day I hope to be creating sugar bouquets that look just like this!! :o)

This is Rachel! Happy 24th Birthday sweetheart!

We love you!!

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